Omnivore - One Eared Stag fights closing rumors

One Eared Stag says it is here to stay.


A little war has been going on over on Foodie Buddha. The popular blog posted a rumor that One Eared Stag may be closing soon, sparking a flurry of denials from chef Robert Phalen and other supporters.

The posting, which Buddha acknowledges is an unconfirmed rumor, says the Inman Park restaurant will supposedly close in February. Phalen says there's no truth to the report. Fans and staff have taken to the comments section, shooting down the rumor with venomous responses - including addressing the blogger as "foodie butthead" and "fattie buddha."

From what we've heard, One Eared Stag is safe. Sure hope so, because where else will Besha get "insane" and memorable dishes like chicken livers over risotto with bacon powder? This city needs a little bacon powder.