Omnivore - The Atlanta Nosh: a market featuring local talents

The Atlanta Nosh, a weekly food market at Atlantic Station, will launch this weekend.

This Sunday at 12 p.m., Atlantic Station will be hosting the inaugural ===Atlanta Nosh===, an event that will repeat weekly through the summer. The vendor-based event with an emphasis on home cooking will sell dishes in tasting portions for $1-5, so guests can sample a smattering of culinary creations. Packaged food items will be available for sale as well.
Eater interviewed Michaela Graham, Founder of The Atlanta Nosh===,
on her vision for the market, which will feature over 100 food entrepreneurs. Graham explained that only vendors with unusual, original, or obscure dishes were accepted to participate in the event. She described the market as an "incubator" where underground talents will receive enough attention to launch their careers.

Nosh's precursor was the Atlanta Underground Market, so we can expect the event to look something like this (except bigger, and hopefully without the weird music):