Omnivore - The Blaxican cometh

New food truck serves up ‘Mexican soul food’


Will Turner, creator, owner, and operator of The Blaxican, set out to do two things: share his creative Mexican Soul-Food fusion, and help people. When he realized that he could accomplish both dreams with a food truck, the concept for The Blaxican was born.

According to their website, The Blaxican attempts “to blend two of the south’s favorite foods; Mexican/Latin Cusine and Southern Home Cooking Soul food.”

As far as the menu’s concerned, you can expect “Mexy Main Dishes” like The Jaw Dropper: day-long marinated roasted pork butt, refried black-eyed peas, mexican brown rice, and Blaxican Pineapple Salsa, and The Sexy Beast: grilled tilapia topped with Cojita Cheese, and Wasabi Cole Slaw on a flour tortilla. And then you have “Soulful Sides” like the Georgia Quesadilla made with smoked turkey seasoned collard greens, cojita cheese, and diced onions, and Hot Mac & Cheese made with sweet onions, jalapeños, and both Mexican and American cheeses. For dessert, a sweet potato flan or Sweet Plantains Foster. Wash it all down with a Jarritos soda, or perhaps some Kool Aid. (Kool Aid, yo!)

According to @blaxicanfood, the truck “should be on the road any day” now. Check out their intro video, and meet Señor Turner himself.