Omnivore - What does your drink say about you?

Big-Name Domestic Beer? You're here to Git-R-Done...


According to Chelsea Fagan's essay 'What Your Drink Says About You,' "going out is nothing if not a series of statements you inadvertently make about yourself through your actions."

Who are you? may be a question best left for a future existential or mid-life crisis, but these are funny and entertaining today. Here are a few small snippets of Fagan's observations - they do not, however do the full essay justice:

Drink of choice: Vodka Red Bulls

Well, I mean, if these are your drink of choice, you're just an enormous bro.

Drink of choice: White Wine

Umm, you're a WASPy 45-year-old blonde woman wearing pearls, or you're aspiring to be one someday.

Drink of choice: Champagne

No matter in what form you're drinking your bubbles - bought in a magnum for your table at the club, or sipped while glaring at others as you languish by the bar - admit it, you're kind of bougie.

Drink of choice: Jagerbombs