Omnivore - The Michael Phelps diet challenge

The Michael Phelps diet, as told (or eaten) by Furious Pete

Recently, America got to witness one of our own athletes become the most-decorated Olympian in history. Michael Phelps, now decorated with 22 Olympic medals, supposedly consumes a 12,300-calorie diet on a daily basis. For most of us, that's three to four times the calories that we consume in a 24-hour period. Ridiculous.

In the spirit of the Olympics and Michael Phelps, competitive eater Furious Pete decided to take on the Phelps's daily training diet. Check out the video below where Pete consumes Phelps's daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner diet. In question to the authenticity of the challenge, Pete commented on the video's page that, "The eat was about 30 minutes. I cut it to 4 minutes so that you wouldn't get bored." Thanks Pete.