Omnivore - Mibo Love Ramen pop-up ends Friday

Last week for chef Mihoko Obunai's ramen lunch at So Ba


Note: After this post was published, the Mibo Ramen pop-up was extended and will operate out of So Ba through November 15, 2013.

Chef Mihoko Obunai's Mibo Love Ramen pop-up is closing up shop at the end of the week. Obunai's post-Joli Kobe ramen and yakitori pop-up began serving lunch out of East Atlanta's So Ba in mid-September. Last chance to score a bowl of Obunai's tonkotsu, shoyu chicken, or mabo-nasu ramen at So Ba is this Friday, November 1.

Obunai says she is currently searching for another (presumably more permanent) home for her restaurant. Inquiries regarding the new space have been made. Details as they arise.