Review: Tuk Tuk (1)

Midtown’s newest Thai aims to bring street food indoors

Atlanta is a city with a notoriously nonexistent street food scene. Lately, this has become the subject of much hand wringing. Longtime Atlanta magazine restaurant critic and Knife & Fork publisher Christiane Lauterbach, who has shunned the Internet almost entirely, recently started the blog devoted to supporting the rise of street food in our city. The lack of street food is a result of many issues that drive Atlanta’s gastronomic and cultural inferiority complexes, from governmental and regulatory to entrepreneurial and culinary.

While the hope for a street food scene here remains just that – a hope – a few restaurants aim to offer a taste of the street in the comfort of an indoor environment. One such restaurant is Tuk Tuk, which attempts to deliver the flavors from Thailand’s sidewalk vendors. Located in the former Taurus location, Tuk Tuk has a pedigree. The chef, Deedee Niyomkul, is the daughter of Nan Niyomkul, who owns both Nan Thai and Tamarind Seed, our city’s most upscale and critically acclaimed Thai restaurants.

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(Photo by James Camp)