"Justified," Season 3, Episode 4

Season 3, Episode 4


I just got the pun in Episode 4’s title, “The Devil You Know,” which gives a significant subplot to Boyd’s rebellious lieutenant named Devil. (Note to would-be crime lords: don’t expect much loyalty out of guys named after demons.) Even more than last week’s installment, “The Devil You Know” continues the power plays and gambits of backwoods criminals, but “The Devil You Know” is fun without being as compelling. It’s like watching the point in the chess game in which the pawns get taken, but the important pieces stay in reserve.

“Hey, ‘Eye of the Tiger, settle down,” Quarles’ “talent scout” Tanner tells Devil, who’s visiting Quarles’ Oxy base to listen to his pitch. And Quarles is quite the salesman, apparently fully informed about the activities of Boyd’s gang, and even that Ava clobbered Devil with a skillet. Like the criminal equivalent of Moneyball, Quarles’s sermonizing recruits Devil to the Dixie Mafia’s Oxy operation, and Devil clearly has hostile intentions for Boyd.