NPR spotlights CL contributor Brandon English

Hey, we know that guy!

Photo credit: Wesley Cummings

Brandon English is a longtime pal of us Creative Loafers. The 28-year-old photojournalist, a former CL intern and now a frequent contributor, has shot many a portrait, plenty of concerts, and more protests than we can count.

Earlier this week, he spent some time in NPR’s StoryCorp Atlanta booth to discuss his infatuation with tense situations, a sense of intrigue that’s carried him and his camera through a Ku Klux Klan rally, Black Lives Matter marches, and a litany of other high-stress scenarios.

“I continue to challenge myself to see what images I can pull out of situations in which I’m not welcome or in which I’m not comfortable,” he told host Ed Hall. “I’ve always been somebody who has liked being uncomfortable. I don’t learn anything otherwise. I don’t get better if I’m not made to feel vulnerable in a way. So I go to rallies that very much oppose my own personal values.”

Check out the full interview via WABE.

Dig some of English’s work here:

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English will also be shooting the collapse of the Georgia Dome on Monday. Stay tuned.

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