7 fun facts about Adron’s ‘Water Music’

The crusade to spread breezy grooves around the world is underway

Adron By Brock Scott
Photo credit: Brock Scott
TROPICALISIMO: Adron's 'Water Music' is due out in August via Tribo Records.

It’s been seven long years since Adron unleashed her 2011 CD, Organismo. The gifted, visionary, and enduring songstress’ effervescent voice and nimble fingers gliding across nylon strings in songs such as “Paradise Island Tropical Vacation,” “A Wizened Sage,” and “Pyramids” landed her CL’s highly coveted album of the year award. It also established her as a formidable songwriting presence amid Atlanta’s music scene. Since then, Adron’s flourishing Tropicália strumming, entrancing voice, and super-human whistle have remained her constant companions. But on stage, her songs have continually evolved, revealing a penchant for Motown soul and R&B inflections. Now it’s time for a new adventure for the L.A.-bound musical fixture. Water Music, Adron’s third full-length, is set to arrive this summer, but she needs help bringing her ethereal magic to the physical world.

In April, Adron launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund worldwide publicity for the album, and to help pay for music videos and tour support. The pledge runs through June 12. In the meantime, here are seven things you need to know about Water Music.

7. This is Adron’s first major release since 2011’s Organismo. After slaving over what she calls her “tropical soul opus” for years, and swimming against the thick current of industry inertia to find support for the album’s release, Water Music is finally due out August 17 via Tribo Records.

6. The record label carrying Water Music was founded by Atlanta’s own Rafael Pereira, longtime friend and collaborator with Adron, and one of the finest and most versatile drummers and percussionists in the Southeast. Pereira plays drums in the studio and on tour with Janelle Monáe and a host of other local artists in genres across the map. Adron says Pereira is “the only drummer, besides Colin Agnew, I’ll let anywhere near my stuff.”

5. Water Music is a sonic fondue pot of texture and influence; you’ll hear nods to Brazilian Tropicália, a staple ingredient in Adron’s oeuvre, and also 1970s soul and R&B grooves, ethereal dream sequences reminiscent of Stereolab and Air, even ’60s Afropop like Miriam Makeba.

4. There’s no Portuguese anywhere on the album, unusual for Adron. She says she’s “trying to be more directly communicative” with her audience, which is still mostly American. Brazilian influence is everywhere, however, and she seems unable to resist dropping in a hypnotic lullaby in French at the end of the record.

3. The record features the talents of many of Atlanta’s most visionary instrumentalists, including Little Tybee’s Chris Case (keys) and Ryan Donald (bass), as well as Khari Cabral Simmons (bass), Kevin Leahy (vibraphone), Rick Lollar (guitar), and Rhett Huffman (keys), just to name a few. It also features a toothachingly precious cameo from the Shadowboxers, ATL-grown pop superstars currently on tour with Justin Timberlake; they hoot, holler, and croon sweetly in the background on a track called “Home In Human Form.”

2. It’s a very wet record. Aptly titled, many of the songs contain references to aquaria and the ocean, and Adron reports having been pathologically obsessed with aquariums and water during the time she was writing and recording this album, and she spent most of her songwriting time staring at her home aquariums.

1. Adron’s Water Music PledgeMusic campaign is in full swing now. There are a boatload of options for pledgers to receive early and exclusive content before the album’s arrival, and to contribute to Adron’s overall crusade to spread breezy chillness and earnest, hardworking music around the globe.

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