Flying cars in Atlanta? How the advanced air mobility space could make it a reality

eVTOLs are like a cross between a drone, a helicopter and a plane, and are often referred to as flying cars

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Article Summary:

The advanced air mobility industry, which includes electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs), is seen as the future of transportation. The Atlanta Business Chronicle spoke with Scott King and Chris Toth of JLL, a commercial real estate company involved in the nascent venture, to gain insights into the current state and the future of the sector. eVTOLs are often referred to as “flying cars” and have the potential to transport people, goods, cargo, and medical supplies. Currently, the industry is focused on commercial applications, with some individual applications in development. OEMs are working on developing eVTOL vehicles and the necessary infrastructure, such as vertiports, where the vehicles can land. The certification process and regulations are being defined by the government. The sector is expected to evolve in the short term with limited operations in the coming years, and the target market includes commuters and travelers. The practical use cases include transportation to and from major airports, potentially bypassing traffic congestion. Challenges for the industry include refining and executing new technology and gaining acceptance from the general public.

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