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Pianos for Peace

Saturday September 17, 2016 08:00 PM EDT
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From the venue:

Pianos for Peace is an annual open festival of music using colorful, painted pianos to inspire artists and unite people in the community through shared values of beauty, truth and harmony.

For two weeks every fall, we bring beautifully painted pianos to public parks and streets throughout metro Atlanta for everyone and anyone to enjoy. As one of the largest public art display projects in Atlanta, Pianos for Peace will feature 29 pianos and impact an estimated half a million Atlantans and visitors between September 3  and September 18, 2016.

After the two week outdoor festival, all Pianos for Peace will be donated to local schools, nursing homes, healthcare facilities and community centers where our volunteer artists will participate in year long meaningful programs making art accessible to all. The Pianos for Peace team, staff, artists, volunteers and friends work hard all year round to plan this unique outdoor event. Our Ambassadors for Peace unite and transform communities by building peace through music and education.

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