Event Scheduled

D&D Workout Comedy Show! Season 3, episode 2

Monday January 11, 2021 05:30 PM EST
Cost: Free

From the venue:

And lots of bad puns!

The D&D Workout Show returns for some puppy saving action. Join the team and unleash the hero you are inside!

What is the show? A blast of positivity and comedy wrapped up in a nerdy workout. In our story you are the Wayfarer, a magical warrior on an adventure to save the world. You’ll use simple body weight exercises to battle monsters, sling spells, and explore mysterious lands!

The show will run 30 minutes right here on Facebook live (tune in right here at this event). It’s designed for everyone, even if you’ve never worked out before. This episode will feature a BEGGINNERS CARDIO BLAST designed to burn belly fat like a fireball in an enclosed space. No equipment is needed except your awesome self!

  • Yes, Rin Tin Riki your battle corgi will be there!

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