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Black Midi

Friday April 8, 2022 08:30 PM EDT
Cost: $20-$35
CL’s Matthew Warhol Recommends: black midi is a hard band to describe. The trio have so many different elements in their music — math rock, psychedelia, jazz, bossanova, chamber pop—that using words to define them kind of just makes things more confusing. Perhaps the can better be illustrated by simply looking at the cover art for their sophomore album, Cavalcade. It’s a beautifully strange mess of colors and lines with hardly any identifiable icons or focus. You can experience it for 10 minutes and have more questions than you started with. And that’s the fun with black midi. Their music is a journey through strange lands, an adventure. — MW

From the venue:

No second album syndrome and no sophomore slump for Britain’s most exciting and challenging young rock band. black midi’sfollow up to Schlagenheimis a dynamic, hellacious, inventive success. Cavalcade, their second studio album for Rough Trade, scales beautiful new heights, reaching ever upwards from an already lofty base of early achievements.
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