Boners BBQ

Call: 404-659-9000 or visit
While the female anatomy has long enjoyed public display, the penis has remained tucked away, taboo to almost any discussion or representation outside erectile dysfunction ads. But Andrew Capron has changed that, sort of. His new barbecue joint, co-owned with Jayne Coffee, is named Boners BBQ and is titilatingly delicious.Prices are below average. All the meats are $6.99 for a generous serving and sides are $3 or $4. Favorites include chicken wings, or “peckers,” and baby back ribs. The ribs’ outer coating, the rub that turns into so-called bark, is thick and surprisingly complicated in taste. Pulled pork was similarly seasoned and quite moist, even without the added lubrication of sauce. In fact, that’s a hallmark of all the meat here: Sauces can actually detract from the complex, smoky flavor. Eat it bare. Go ahead and swallow. L, D. 634 Fraser St., 404-659-9000.
634 Fraser St.
Atlanta, GA