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AGE 6-10


Students will develop dance and movement skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination & creativity while learning balance, strength, and coordination. This class teaches isolations, street dance moves, and high-energy moves inspired by contemporary music and vernacular dance. This class is appropriate for boys and girls.

A typical class begins with 15 minutes of warm-up and stretch which includes isolations that warm-up each body part and stretch the muscles to increase flexibility. Warm-up and stretch are followed by 10 minutes of basic technique. Students will then engage in 15 minutes of choreography that will build from week to week. Finally, the class ends with a review of terminology and cool down.

Our enrichment classes are designed to strengthen students physically and emotionally. Classes teach discipline, self-esteem, and teamwork in addition to a specific curriculum.

Students will have the opportunity to interact with their instructors and other students.


-All students will be spaced 6 feet apart, markings on the floor would determine the distance

-All students and teacher would be required to wear masks, we suggest gator neck masks( they are breathable during class)

-Extra class observers are prohibited

-Class Max will be 10 participants

-Temperature checks upon arrival

-We will not use equipment in classes

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