Quad is closed

The Midtown nightclub has been put on the market.


Quad, the Midtown nightclub popular with rave and EDM fans, is closed until further notice, according its website and co-owner, Rick Day, who founded and runs the Spring4th venue complex that houses the club.

Day is selling the entire complex partially due to personal health issues and says that he has been approached by several different interested buyers so far. “This is my legacy, the pinnacle of my life,” Day says. “I don’t want to hand it off to just anyone.”

Palmer Wood, also co-owner of Quad, is moving to events company Area 51 Presents as an operations manager.

According to a statement on the Spring4th Complex website, Quad has been open since 2010, and the Spring4th Center has been open since 2007.

An 18+ club, Quad has been a favorite with many young adults, some who come with glow sticks and rave gear to hear dubstep and other popular forms of EDM.

Quad’s Facebook page says the club is “closed for renovations,” referring to the change in ownership, although there have been no statements about a potential reopening date.