The Music Tapes' 'Travelling Imaginary' tour lands in Castleberry Hill

Elephant 6 and Neutral Milk Hotel member Julian Koster brings The Music Tapes' Travelling Imaginary to Atlanta

For any of you unlucky souls that missed the boat on Neutral Milk Hotel tickets in Athens and Atlanta, here's another chance for you to catch the Elephant 6 magic in-person. The Music Tapes, longtime Neutral Milk - and E6 - member Julian Koster's surrealistic chamber pop project, is bringing its suitably named, Kickstarter-funded The Traveling Imaginary to Castleberry Hill. Koster has a history of creating one-of-a-kind musical marvels (see the 7-foot Tall Metronome and Static the Singing Television), but this time around the band is touring and performing "in a circus tent, transforming spaces into cozy, dreamlike environments for an evenings' worth of music, games, stories, films, and amusements. The Traveling Imaginary is a long-dreamt-of undertaking on a grander scale than anything we have ever done. You, the audience member, will be an honored guest in The Music Tapes' world - the one in which Julian has lived and recorded in for years." Check out a song below from the Music Tapes' latest album, Mary's Voice, released last year via Merge Records.

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