Hangout Day 3: Sing us out, Stevie

The third of a three-part journal chronicling the 2013 Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama


The final day of Hangout Fest 2013 began with a brisk walk that turned into a sprint onto the beach in order to catch a personal favorite of mine, Best Coast, who were unfortunately scheduled at 12:15 p.m. - the first show of the day on the sand. They were scheduled against another personal favorite, the Revivalists, but catching Best Coast’s beachy tunes while actually on the beach was more than I could pass up.

The crowd was sparse, but it was absolutely a crowd, and despite the early hour the smell of marijuana absolutely wafted across the beach. I’m assuming those people took a nap somewhere or else did not make it through the 11 hours left in the schedule for the day. In any case, I appreciated their contribution to the ambiance. Best Coast delivered musically, for the most part sounding just as good live as in the recording, a statement not all artists warrant these days.