Tedo Stone get ‘High’ with ‘Good Go Bad’

Tedo Stone picks an emotional range and sticks with it


  • Maggie Gibson Blauvelt
  • Frank Keith IV (bass), Tedo Stone (vocals, guitar), Grafton Tanner (drums), and Clay Houle (guitar).

ATL rock guy Tedo Stone and his backing band the Cosmic Supermoon set out on Midwestern tour last week (Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and a recording session with Daytrotter) to commemorate the release of Stone’s debut full-length Good Go Bad.

Stone has been playing around town for a few years, and started recording Good Go Bad two years ago. His soul-inspired vocals and fuzzy guitar rock are retro in a kinda sunny ’70s vibe, but retro in a kinda early ’00s vibe as well. Most of the tracks from Good Go Bad can be triangulated looking back at tunes recorded a decade ago, stuff like that of the Strokes (garagey, anthemic, and mid-tempo), Ted Leo (clearly enunciated vocals, strong rock underpinning), and Taylor Hollingsworth (guitar-focused and singer-songwritery).

Like those bands, Stone picks an emotional range and sticks with it for a song, though the mellow piano and organ on “Time” move things from a delicate waltz to a more rousing rocker. A tuneful songwriter, Stone never overloads his songs with too many effects, though he does heavily favor some vocal filters. Horns on the album opener “As Big as the Ocean” or the solid organ lines on “High” add punch. And “Circles,” a vocals-and-ukelele tune, was recorded on Stone’s cell phone - it’s charmingly minimal and lightweight.