Dragon*Con pt. 2: the saga continues

More pics for the belly of the beast...


  • Chad Radford
  • The Force is strong with this one.

What happens at Dragon*Con stays at Dragon*Con. We all know this, so I am duty-bound not to reveal any details about the hotel parties that raged on through Friday night, through Saturday night, the parade and well into Sunday morning. At least the ones that I attended.

It’s one of the pitfalls of clipping Dragon*Con press credentials to your chest and walking into a hotel room where a pair of 16-sided die is being rolled by a guy with intense determination on his face — painted blue like an Avatar — and his opponent is wearing a T-shirt that says “Han shot first.” If anyone knows the power of the words “off the record” at 4:30 a.m. it’s these guys...

Saturday at Dragon*Con was pretty uneventful for me, mostly because I was so burned out from Friday night. Although it was the busiest day/night of the convention this year. Lot’s of panels, lots of costumes. The autumn-like weather couldn’t have been better suited for the parade on Saturday morning. Everyone from Sleestak’s to Stormtroopers were in full force and the people watching opportunities were priceless.

I opted to go free range again, rather than sit in on a bunch of celebrity talks. Although I did make it to a Q&A with Steve, Dave and Amy from TAPS,which was awesome. I also hit up a panel discussion dubbed “Gigs from Hell,” but wouldn’t you know it, the panel featured most of the same folks from the State of the Goth Scene snooze fest I endured Friday night. Although this time around it was slightly more interesting to listen to a bunch of hung over goths reliving their horror stories from the road. If you think life for the average touring, indie rock band is hard, add Aquanet and eyeliner to the recipe and book them in a Christian music venue somewhere in rural Indiana...