Live review: The N.E.C., Abby Go Go, Predator, the Dirty Lungs

The N.E.C. and friends explored what Is and what could be

Jon Allinson of Abby Go Go shreds.
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If a local band, especially one as well-connected as the N.E.C., celebrates a record release, it seems their whole community emerges out of the woodworks to witness the miracle of new musical life. The fact that it was a free show at the Star Bar didn’t hurt either, and the room steadily filled as Alabama-based openers the Dirty Lungs played their brand of driving, almost-classic pop-rock, then Atlanta’s own punk/punk/punk prodigy Predator treated the room to its frenetic quick-strumming and un-shy shouts. It would have been enjoyable even without the chemically-aided dancers carving out a whole in the crowd at the middle of the room—but they didn’t hurt the spectacle.