Burn to Shine spotlights Atlanta

From Beethoven to Garcia — a musical interview before tonight’s ASO remix at Chastain

Every so often, Takoma Park DC, filmmakers Brendan Canty (former drummer for Fugazi) and Christoph Green document a indie-rock scene in a particular city, inviting bands to play one song each at someone’s house. (Past editions include Portland, Ore., Chicago, and D.C.) The results, captured in the duo’s Burn to Shine DVD series, mixes casual performances with subtle observations about how musicians interact with their communities away from the spotlight and media glare. The cinematography and editing makes them a cut above the usual live DVD.

On July 29, the Burn to Shine crew descended on Atlanta, documenting performances by Deerhunter, the Black Lips, the Selmanaires, the Coathangers and others. Chad Radford, music journalist and longtime freelance contributor for CL, documented the proceedings with pictures galore. Check them out at his blog, which you can access here.

By the way, after a few early and controversial posts about dung and cute boys, Deerhunter’s blog has evolved into a pretty great site, with lots of exclusive MP3s for your downloading pleasure. Click away.