BLKMJKjr: The Invoice


Trip Freeman, the animated half of outsider hip-hop duo WIC, returns with The Invoice, a 14-songs tangle of smooth and futuristic production. The Invoice is one of those rare albums that actually raises the bar for creativity with a progressive, positive, and funky bent. “BLKMJKjr,” “Disco’s Revenge,” and “Three Day Weekend (feat. D.T.)” never stay in one place for too long as they look beyond rap’s clichés. There’s nary a “yes yes, y’all” to be heard here, and “Walking In The Clouds” places Man Man Savage, a young trap rapper signed to Fools Gold, on a project with Ben Hameen, Mudfish, Grip Plyaz, and too many other hardworking Atlanta locals to name here. It won’t be played in the clubs, but this is as real as Atlanta hip-hop gets. ★★★★☆