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Thursday, August 31


AVAILABLE JONES — Ever wonder why so many jam bands seem to hail from Colorado? Have people got nothing better to do in that state than snowboard and listen to interminable drum solos? Hailing from Boulder, Available Jones carry on the state’s (ahem) tie-dyed traditionalism. Their self-described “high energy psychedelic blues funk rock” (no hyphens please, that’s too separatist, man!), is long-winded, muddled and about as appealing as a warm Coors Light. Brandy House (Robertson)

BOO!, DROPSONIC — The Earl shakes tonight with a paint-peeling set from Atlanta’s Dropsonic, a trio of power who seem to get louder and better with every show. And traveling all the way from South Africa, Boo! are gonna shock any folks awaiting some Ladysmith action. Vibrant and very different, Boo! is a good surprise. The Earl (Smith)

TODD SNIDER, JUSTIN ROSOLINO — “I been lost for a while,” sings Todd Snider in the opening lines of his new album Happy To Be Here. That lyric might well describe the flash-in-the-pan success Snider enjoyed with “Seattle Grunge Rock Blues” a while ago; however, he’s lately been back on track with some superb, straightforward original blues/rock. (After all, in the same song he announces, “I’m gonna find my way/Back to the crossroads some day!”) Local singer/songwriter Justin Rosolino, a favorite over at Eddie’s Attic, opens the show for Snider tonight. Smith’s Olde Bar (Nicoll)

STAGE 96 SHOWCASE — Despite the fact that none of these acts would ever be considered program-worthy on showcase sponsor 96Rock’s airwaves, the Changelings, Flowers for Luci and Empire 44 offer some of the best goth-leaning music the city has to offer. Particularly appealing is Empire 44, whose soulful electro-pop comes through in spite of the group’s unfortunately mismatched pseudo-fascist stage presentation. Riviera Club (Sarig)

SOUL LOUNGE — Groovenation Internet Radio presents an after-work party from 6-10 p.m., featuring spoken word poetry and music by Afro Blue, Anthony David and “the U.K.’s Queen of Soul,” Julie Dexter. Crescent Room (Sarig)

WOMEN OF ROCK — Caroline Aiken hosts this very unusual night at the Dark Horse, featuring solo performances by Trina Meade of Stereo Popsicle, blues blaster Liz Melendez, and Wild West Picture Show’s Keli Mercandante. Dark Horse (Nicoll)

ZEBRAHEAD, WHEATUS — Like some record company’s wet dream, Zebrahead mines every currently marketable trend in a transparent and unimaginative bid for rock stardom. Sporting a truly witless mingling of punk, metal and hip-hop, copiously layered with manufactured teen horniness, they make musical reprobates like Eminem and Kid Rock sound like visionaries. Avoid. While rock quartet Wheatus tow the “gotta-get-a-hit” stylistic line (overt nods to cartoonish punk and rap parlance duly noted), at least their sense of humor occasionally wanders up above their waists. Hit “Teenage Dirt Bag” effectively revisits those “teenage wasteland” years, providing high school losers everywhere with yet another galvanizing anthem of self-loathing. Cotton Club (Robertson)


9 LIVES SALOON: Bitch, Remy, Good Question

40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: The Quietmen, Boulevard

ARCTIC CIRCLE: Trivia with DJ Rock Entertainment

BILLY’S: Beni’s Basement

BLIND WILLIE’S: Francine Reed

BLUE RACCOON: Open mic with Bill Sheffield

BRANDYHOUSE: Cravin Melon, Available Jones

BRIDGES: Paula Harris and Doug Jervey

CAJUN KITCHEN: Grateful Dead Party with Stella Bluegrass

THE CHAMBER: Club Fetish

CHURCHILL GROUNDS JAZZ CAFÉ: Latin jazz - Jerry Fields and Vecinos del Mundo

COTTON CLUB: Zebrahead, Wheatus

CRESCENT ROOM: The Soul Lounge

DARK HORSE TAVERN & GRILL: Women of Rock in the Round: Caroline Aiken, Trina Meade, Kelly Mercadante, Liz Melendez

THE DERBY: Derek St. Holmes

DOTTIE’S: Animal Filter, Trash Candies

THE EARL: Boo!, Dropsonic

ECHO LOUNGE: Rockin’ Pontoons, Greg Conners and The Curb

EDDIE’S ATTIC: David Franklin CD release party with special guests

FAT MATT’S RIB SHACK: Chickenshack

FUEL: Fete with DJs Marc-Alan Gray, Levi, Alex King and Justin

FUZZY’S: Donnie McCormick

KAYA: Fiesta Latina, Latin DJs

KILLER CREEK: Showtyme Jazz Duo

MARY’S: Brit-pop music video night

MASQUERADE: Sect, Veterans Radio, Trainwreck


POPPERS: Steve Hawkins


RIVIERA: Stage 96 showcase with The Changelings, Flowers for Luci and Empire 44

SAMBUCA JAZZ CAFÉ: World Mambo Mission

SMITH’S OLDE BAR: Alabama Kickoff Party with Back porch revival, Todd Snider, Justin Rosolino

STAR BAR-L5P: Animus Disober, The Flakes, Saturn Outhouse