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Saturday, Sept. 9


ACOUSTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 2000 — The Java House in Conyers hosts this all-day festival featuring a wide range of local acoustic talent. Performers scheduled to play include Caroline Aiken, Six Against Seven, Three Weird Sisters, Josh Perkins, David Clemens and a host of others. The festivities begin at 2 p.m. Java House/Conyers (Robertson)

APOPTYGMA BERZERK, VNV NATION — Apoptygma Berzerk and VNV Nation, two of the gothic/darkwave/industrial scene's most popular and prolific bands, make their Atlanta debut as part of the Welcome to Earth Tour 2000. This impressive bill should draw scores of fans from throughout the Southeast decked out in their finest, and blackest, duds. Noxious Emotion open the proceedings. Aww, yeah. Doors open at 7 p.m. Riviera (Jones)

ARTPARTY 2000 — The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center presents its 18th annual ArtParty, with musical performances by Washington, D.C., dance diva Crystal Waters, local live/electronica band Aerial, singer/songwriter Michelle Malone and Tokyo's 12-member Matsuriza Japanese Drum Troupe. For tickets and information, call 404-688-1970. Atlanta Contemporary Art Center/535 Means Street (Sarig)

ASHLEY BALLARD — Forget, momentarily, that Ballard is touring shopping malls (Tiffany anyone?) as part of the Ford Supermodel of the World Tour. Instead, focus on the big picture. Her chirpy, irksome pop songs and "oh-so-young" sex-kitten persona have star-in-the-making stamped all over them. Just think, she could be America's next teen sensation, ready to dethrone Britney when the latter's inevitable bid for artistic relevance (my suggestion: a prog-rock concept album about breast implants) falls flat. Be sure to save me a space right in front of the Gap. Lenox Square Mall (Robertson)

JUNIOR BROWN, MANDY BARNETT — Take a heaping helping of the music and persona of Ernest Tubb, a little George Jones, stir in some surf guitar á la Dick Dale, add a dash of Jimi Hendrix and a big wooden spoonful of "Hee Haw" goofiness, bake it halfway without mixing it thoroughly and you might come out with something like Junior Brown. In an era when country music seems to be made only by beautiful young people with perfect teeth, guit-steel wizard Brown is delightfully beyond categorization or conformity. Mandy Barnett opens, blending two classics approaches — traditional country and '30s/'40s torch songs (see article on p. 93). Variety Playhouse (Powell)

COLLEGE URBAN MUSIC FESTIVAL — The sixth annual black college fest closes today with a street party, followed by a final concert at 5 p.m., featuring hip-hop and R&B acts including Ying Yang Twins, Miracle, Camron, J.T. Money and Blayz. For more information, call 770-908-6102. various locations (Sarig)

DELUXE VAUDEVILLE ORCHESTRA — See listing for Sept. 7. Art Station Theatre (Robertson)

DITCHDIGGERS, WONDERLUST — The Ditchdiggers are back in action with the explosive cowpunk ferocity of an over-amped milking machine set loose in a sorority house. Pop/rockers Wonderlust — who will perform their Missa Cantata in its entirety — are playing their last show with drummer Kevin Watford tonight, in what may also possibly be their last show ever. Dark Horse (Nicoll)

EMPIRE 44 — See listing for Sept. 8. The Otherside (Robertson)

ART GARFUNKEL — See listing for Sept. 8. Frederick Brown Amphitheater (Horowitz)

HARVEST MOON BLUESFEST — Music on the second day of the Winder roadhouse's fifth annual blues celebration starts at noon and features Little Joey's Jumpin' Jive, King Johnson, Francine Reed, Greg "Fingers" Taylor with Johnny Sansone, John Mooney & Bluesiana (see review, p. XX), Deborah Coleman & the Thrillseekers and Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band. For more information, call 770-307-2840. Chip's/Winder (Sarig)

HISTORIC COLLEGE PARK FESTIVAL — Atlanta's southside neighbor College Park throws a festival beginning at 11 a.m. Featured on the acoustic music stage is Celtic band the BorderCollies, along with singer/songwriters Adam Reinhart, Ben Wakeman, David Ryan Harris, Tammy Fowler and Caroline Aiken. College Park/Rugby Avenue (Sarig)

MIRAGE — Big name spin-masters Scott Hardkiss, Frankie Bones, Feelgood and Justin Scott, along with Matrix and J. Majik from London, highlight Mirage's latest event. See www.mirage2000.com for more details. The Atrium (Sarig)

PINEAL VENTANA — See Earshot, p. 85. The Earl (Hayes)

PRETTY VACANT — No matter how you feel about tribute bands in the first place (good fun or just plain silly) one has to wonder why anyone would choose to pose as a band who were pretty much posing as a band themselves. That inherent irony doesn't seem to faze this Sex Pistols homage, who look, act and sound like England's controversial late-'70's punk rockers. No future, indeed. Sharing the stage with 'em tonight are two other local '70s-style punk acts, the Clash-like Plastics and the Stooges-ish Unsatisfied. Dottie's (Robertson/Nicoll)

RESURRECTION — This quarterly MC challenge requires entrants to freestyle for the crowd and a panel of judges through four rounds: The first, MCs must rhyme for 60 seconds without using the n-word or any profanity; the second, survivors flex their flow as two DJs switch beats around; the third, MCs must rhyme about a topic selected by the host; and the last two MCs standing face off in round four, until one remains standing. The winner gets a cash prize, plus studio time and that all-important trophy. The event is hosted by J. Force & Spearhead X, with performances by Vinyl Junkies and Binkis Records, and DJs Drama and Rasta Root on the turntables. For more information, call 770-996-6192. Somber Reptile (Freeman)

RIO NEGRO — Comprised largely of students from the Morehouse College Jazz Ensemble, this group plays a well-rounded combo of Latin-tinged jazz and funk. Borders Books and Music/Buckhead (Robertson)

STAR ROOM BOYS, SCOTT MILLER — Athens' answer to the Bakersfield-styled country music of Buck and Merle's heyday, the Star Roomer's Dave Marr will make you think you've somehow stepped back into a honky tonk in the '60s. Thankfully lacking the nagging self-importance of some of today's so-called traditionalists, the Star Room Boys are making some of the most honest C&W around. Scott Miller ("Napoleon was a Dog") opens with a round to set the proper mood. Star Bar (Smith)

ULU — New York quintet Ulu play a completely unfashionable amalgam of funk/jazz fusion that recalls Bitches' Brew-era Miles Davis. Unlike so many jam bands on the circuit today, Ulu understand the subtle difference between improvisation and mindless noodling. And while their instrumental prowess is exemplary, more importantly they know how to hold down a solid, funky backbeat. Intelligent, groovy and, lord almighty, danceable jazz-rock, what a concept! Brandy House (Robertson)

YIN YANG FAREWELL CELEBRATION — See article, p. 80. Yin Yang Music Café (Baraka)


9 LIVES SALOON: Dick Delicious, Something Left After Misfortune, Galaxie, 12 Step

40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: Elfpower, The Phones

513 CLUB: Berzerk, The Grumpy's, Upsurge, Lentil Week


ARCTIC CIRCLE: DJ Rock Entertainment's Dance Party

ATLANTA UNIVERSITY CENTER: Annual College Urban Music Festival with Blayz



BILLY'S : Mike Renna

BLUE RACCOON: Frankie Lee Robinson's Blues Mission

BRANDYHOUSE: ULU with Deep Blue Sun

BRIDGES: Jazz with The Sharp Four and various local artists

THE CHAMBER: Europa with DJ Carbonell


CHIP'S-WINDER: Harvest Moon Blues Fest with Little Joey's Jumpin' Jive, King Johnson, Francine Reed, Greg "Fingers" Taylor with Johnny Sansone, John Mooney and Bluesiana, Deborah Coleman and The Thrill Seekers, Chubby Carrier & The Bayou Swamp Band

CJ'S LANDING: Mike and Hank, Anitra Holley, Eden

COLLEGE PARK FESTIVAL: Andy Offit Irwin, The BorderCollies, Adam Reinhart, Ben Wakeman, David Ryan Harris, Tammy Fowler, Caroline Aiken

THE CONTEMPORARY: ArtParty 2000 with Crystal Waters, Aerial, Michelle Malone, Matsuriza Japanese drummer troupe and DJ Zano

DADDY D'Z: Sail Cats

DARK HORSE TAVERN: The Ditchdiggers, Wonderlust, 10 til 4

DARWIN'S: Heaven Davis and The Aggravatin Papas


DOTTIE'S: The Plastics, The Unsatisfied, Pretty Vacant

THE EARL: Electrosleep International, Pineal Ventana CD-release party featuring the screening of Kotoran Jiwa, a short film by Atlantan Chad Rullman

EDDIE'S ATTIC: Michelle Malone, Ben Weaver

FAT MATT'S RIB SHACK: Ralph Ellis and The Thunderbolts


FUZZY'S: Donnie McCormick


HUEY'S: Live Jazz

IF COFFEE HOUSE: Full Moon Afternoon with Les Lyden

JAKE'S ROADHOUSE: The J-Birds featuring J.T. Special

JAVA HOUSE: Acoustic Music Festival 2000 with Caroline Aiken, Six Against Seven, Three Weird Sisters, Adam Rhinehart, Josh Perkins, John Doster, Lauren Fincham, Unplugged Planet, Tea, Year and a Day, Harry Lester, John Gibson, David Clemens

KILLER CREEK: Showtyme Jazz Duo

LASETER'S: The Joint Chiefs

LAST GREAT WATERING HOLE: Lucky Dogs and Toby Marriott

MASQUERADE: Miller's Tale, Group X, Fair Verona, Gonzales; Nurse Betty Soap Opera Party in Hell

MIKE-N-ANGELO'S: Supreme Court with Glenn Phillips and Jeff Calder

MURPHY'S LAW: The Dixie Blues


OTHERSIDE: Empire 44


RIVIERA: Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Noxious Emotion, DJ Dark Angel, DJ Omac

SLAPP RECORDS-FOREST PARK: Ska Fest with Skawfull Waffles, CurbSide Service, Taj Motel Trio, The Soap Box Prophets, The Supervillains

SMITH'S OLDE BAR: Urban Shakedancers, Slangbanger

STAR BAR: Star Room Boys, Scott Miller


VARIETY PLAYHOUSE: Junior Brown with Mandy Barnett


WILD WING CAFÉ: Fifth Annual Oyster Roast with Flux Capacitors, Freak the Jones, Homemeade Jam, Memory Dean

YA YA'S CAJUN CUISINE: Blue Soul and Kindle Williams Sr.

YIN YANG CAFÉ : Farewell celebration??