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Noted Acts
CLANDESTINE — Texas has always been a hotbed of transplanted Celtic culture (after all, Sam Houston himself was a Scot), so it's no surprise that Clandestine hails from the Lone Star State. What is surprising is how infectiously they combine Highland piping and traditional instruments (including fife and fiddle) with guitar and percussion. Make no mistake: They're not a rock band, but their jigs and reels are nearly as propulsive. Eddie's Attic (Nicoll)
KRISTINA BEATY AND THE LOOTERS — Barely 21 years old, Kristina Beaty is one of Georgia's most sought after blues singers. Her angelic vocals are enough to wow any blues fan and her fiddle virtuosity is unquestionable; Plus, her band is all heavy guns: Billy Bazuka, Jeff Evans and Eric Mathew of Rosa King fame. Brandy House (Layden)
EDDIE MONEY --You know you've hit the oldies circuit skids when you've recorded two live greatest hits discs in the past few years. Interestingly, even though the Money-man is naturally grinding through his few classic rock staples with an ad campaign that wincingly reads "Remember the music, remember the feelings!!!," he released an unusually strong album of new material last year. And anyone who has the good sense to duet with Ronnie Spector can't be all bad, right? Don't answer that. Riviera (Horowitz)
SAMADHA ENSEMBLE — The ever-experimental Samadha Trio has spread its wings and expanded into an ensemble. Core members Chris Case, Peter Hickey and Keith Leslie are joined on this occasion by local saxophonists Rob Mallard, Ben Davis and Bill Nittler, along with percussionist Kima Moore. The trio, featuring piano, alto saxophone, theremin, bass, drums and tapes, has much to offer on their own; but the additions should be the icing on an already rich cake. First Existentialist Congregation (Khalid)
PETER SEARCY, THE PUSHSTARS — The used-ta-be punky ex-Squirrel Baiter and current Atlanta resident almost had a hit with the alt-radio-friendly tracks from his alt-radio-friendly debut. But as sub-Replacements alternative-pop albums go, his sounded stiff, structured and overly crafted. He'll energize and rough up the tunes a bit live, adding a much-needed edge, but these songs are still too alt-radio-friendly for anyone's good. Don't expect any rock pretense out of the Pushstars; they only deliver solid, straightforward songs in the tradition of Squeeze or Crowded House. Though you may remember the Boston trio's "Everything Shines" from the There's Something About Mary soundtrack, you haven't really experienced songwriter Chris Trapper's pop-punch until you've seen his band — and its peripheral horn players and backing vocalists — in good-time form on stage. Smith's Olde Bar (Horowitz/York)
MIKE WATT AND THE PAIR OF PLIERS, COBRA VERDE — After a bout with a near fatal illness, punk elder statesman Mike Watt dusts off his thunderbroom bass and hits the road for his "Enough of the Piss Bag Tour." Watt and the Pair of Pliers perform tunes from the Minutemen, fIREHOSE, and Watt's own critically acclaimed solo jaunts, as well as a few boss covers. Oh Watt, will you please play "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs?" Openers Cobra Verde were constantly tagged last year as being part of a glam-revival that lasted about as long as Velvet Goldmine hung around the local multiplex, but the Cleveland band is actually nothing of the sort. Sure, you can hear those flashy Mick Ronson guitar riffs and lots of strutting Iggy-isms on their last album, Nightlife, but CV have their sights set higher and farther. They play nasty, brooding, sleazy and bombastic rock 'n' roll, with just as many nods to Kiss as to Ziggy Stardust. It's arena-rock squeezed into a smoky club. Echo Lounge (Ellis/Peisner)
DAVID WILCOX — Sure he's a little wimpy, what with his bashful good looks, shy, breathy James Taylor-ish voice and mopey el-lay delivery, but through eight albums in 15 years, the Asheville-based Wilcox has sculpted a modest yet substantial catalog of folk/pop tunes. His unassuming delivery, snazzy guitar-pickin' and refreshing sense of self-deprecating humor should keep the folkies entertained. He's the kinda guy who'll make the Variety seem as cozy as his living room. Variety Playhouse (Horowitz)
YOUNG ANTIQUES, THE ESKIMOS, PINKEYE, SPACESHOT — A nice and varied selection of local bands representing the best of Atlanta and Athens kicks off night one of Kudzu Film Festival's Green Lantern Showcase. Tonight, Athens' Spaceshot gets things off to a groovy start with a brief set of techno vibes. Atlanta punk ladies Pinkeye shake up the ol' Watt with some cool and short tunes. The Eskimos, Athens' answer to Dylan and the Band (with a helpin' of Van Morrison) play before a headlining set by Atlanta's Young Antiques, making their debut tonight on the hallowed stage. 40 Watt Club/Athens (Nicoll)
YOUTH BRIGADE, MUSTARD PLUG, BOUNCING SOULS — Though the youthfulness of this Brigade is dubious at best, their hearts are still in the right place. These gentlemen have been around since the early '80s, when they were a fixture on the burgeoning hardcore scene. Quick, fast ska fury with a booster shot of punk vitriol will keep your body movin'. Hailing from the badlands of Michigan, the six-piece Mustard Plug runs one of the tightest ships in the skankin' business. Don't miss this one. Both bands open up for Epitaph punkers the Bouncing Souls. Masquerade (Ellis)
Also performing
9 LIVES SALOON: Hot, Spicy and Sweaty: 1st Annual Chili Cookoff with Bitch, Ellipse, Flathead Mike, Blue Flame Combo and Centipede
40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: Green Lantern Benefit, the Young Antiques, Eskimos, Pinkeye
BAYOU ROOM: Andrew Black Band
BILLY'S: The Blue Collar All Stars
BLIND WILLIE'S: Lil Ed and The Blues Imperials
BRANDYHOUSE: Park Bench Blues Band, Looters Blues Band
BRIDGES: Paula Harris and Doug Jervey
THE CHAMBER: Club Fetish
CHIP'S-WINDER: Roy Carrier and the Night Rockers
CHURCHILL GROUNDS JAZZ CAFÉ: Jerry Fields and Vecinos del Mundo
CJ'S LANDING: Radio Daze; Tim Acres on the deck
COSMOPOLITAN: Wes Yokam Acoustic Duo
DARK HORSE TAVERN : Eric Knight Band, Staryard, Jason Marcum Band
DARWIN'S: The Organ Donors
DOTTIE'S: X-Novia, Blue Druids and TBD
THE EARL: Amy Pike, The Wild World of John Dunn (Truckadelic) Tracy Snow
EDDIE'S ATTIC: Clandestine, Greg Williams
FAT MATT'S RIB SHACK: Chickenshack
FUEL: fete with DJs Marc-Alan Gray, Levi, Alex King and Justin
FUZZY'S: Soulidify
GEORGIA THEATRE-ATHENS: The Funky Meters, Jacob Fred Odyssey
KAYA: Fiesta Latina with Latin DJs spinning salsa, merengue and Latin house
KILLER CREEK: Showtyme Jazz Duo
MARY'S: Music videos with DJ Jigsaw
MASQUERADE: Mustard Plug, Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade, Inspector 7; College Night in Hell
THE PAVILION: Neil Bradley
POPPERS: Steve Hawkins
RIVIERA: Eddie Money with Eden and the Independents
SMITH'S OLDE BAR: The Push Stars, Peter Searcy
STAR BAR-L5P: Springfield Illinois
TASTY WORLD-ATHENS: Obediah Strange, The Dictatortots
VARIETY PLAYHOUSE: David Wilcox, Howie Day
THE W HOTEL: Steven Charles Jazz Duo
WILD WING CAFÉ: Dappled Greys
WOODEN NICKEL: Angry Monkey project (formerly Furious George)