Sound Menu November 11 2000 Wed

Noted acts
JANAH — A percussion-heavy magic carpet ride to the Casbah, Janah combine elements of world music and traditional rock to offer a hookah full of throbbing travelogues and vibrating landscapes. Keith Johnston, Janah’s grand poobah, supports the Atlanta scene by thinking globally and playing locally. Smith’s Olde Bar (Smith)
KENNY HOWES & THE YEAH!, MODELTONES — This should be a model evening, in more ways than one. Backed by the Yeah!, Howes’ presentation is a model of polished jangle and sweet ’60s licks. Providing another dose of the same are the Modeltones, whose lineup features former members of the Valentines and the Flinch. Also on the bill is Three Bags Full. Star Bar (Nicoll)
LIQUID IMAGE — Local electronic-based duo Liquid Image certainly doesn’t sound like anything you might hear on the radio today. Unfortunately, it tends to sound like a lot of things you might have heard 15 years ago. The occasionally progressive sequence or thoughtful lyric is obscured among the conventional musical tropes of the melancholy ’80s sound — schmaltzy synth strings, staccato high hat, longing vocals, etc. They haven’t blasted out their sounds in over three years, but tonight they plunge headlong back into the fray. MJQ Concourse (Hutchinson/Nicoll)
90 DAY MEN — Chicago’s 90 Day Men, like Blonde Redhead, the Rapture and the Vogue, borrow from both no wave and new wave. Combine parts of Fugazi and some Fender Rhodes, add some occasional hardcore like Helmet or At the Drive-In, and you’ve got a band bound to outlive its self-proclaimed shelf life. The Earl (Ware)
JOHN SCOFIELD, LIVING DAYLIGHTS — Miles Davis alum guitarist Scofield has over 20 solo albums in his bulging catalog. Although most have toyed with funk, his last few have dug into a fluid groove as deep and hard as the Meters at their best, and that’s saying a lot. Forsaking fret shredding for rump bumping, this will be a jazz show that has ‘em boogie-ing from the first note. Scofield will amaze with his unusual, snaky lead lines and twisting, atypical chords. The influences of opening act Living Daylights snake through nouveau jazz groups like Medeski, Martin & Wood and the Charlie Hunter Quartet. Living Daylights ascribe to the idea of a characteristic collective groove in the place of individual showboating. Saxophonist Jessica Lurie’s unique Eastern European klezmer influence adds a gypsy-like quality to the Seattle trio’s already distinctive sound. Variety Playhouse (Horowitz/Hutchinson)
JIMMY THACKERY & THE DRIVERS — Journeyman guitarist Thackery has been churning out his fiery mix of Strat-fueled roots rockers with Hendrix-drenched blues for two decades, and exudes a nonchalant showmanship as he whips off licks of thundering intensity. Sure, he can play with his teeth and behind his head, but he doesn’t need to grandstand to prove his talent. A frequent Atlanta visitor, Thackery always delivers a rugged and energetic show that’ll leave you wondering why he’s not playing halls 10 times the size of this comfy venue. Blind Willie’s (Horowitz)
CARLA ULBRICH — One very funny lady, singer/songwriter Ulbrich has been getting a reputation lately for her clever ditty about the F-word, but her repertoire offers a whole lot more — including a hilarious number describing how burned-out bulbs cause dramatic changes in the meanings of signs and billboards. Ulbrich opens for Still on the Hill. Eddie’s Attic (Nicoll)
Also performing

9 LIVES SALOON: Amazing Tom Machine, Jody Blod, Popaganda
40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: Unified Theory, Johnny Hyde
BASIL’S CAFÉ: Showtyme Jazz Duo
BLIND WILLIE’S: Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers
BRANDYHOUSE: Brett Cain Band/Ryhythm Ryder
BRIDGES: Piano with Bruce
CAFÉ TU TU TANGO: Live reggae with Poshtoner
CAJUN KITCHEN: Open Mic hosted by Rich Wells and Jc Lang
THE CHAMBER: Lovebreak with DJ Biff
CJ’S LANDING: Audiobridge, The Ajax Heavies, Remi
CULTURE CLUB: Apollo Night
DARK HORSE TAVERN: New Talent Night with Relics Dream, Operation Toes, Brian Doyle
DARWIN’S: Open Blues Jam
DEUX PLEX: Island Getaway
DOTTIE’S: Rick F. Dang’s Electric Open-mic Night
THE EARL: 90 Day Men, Spectralux, Blake Rainey
EDDIE’S ATTIC: Still on the Hill, Carla Ulbrich, Joe Rathbone
FAT MATT’S RIB SHACK: The Electromatics
JOEY D’S OAKROOM : Ian Schumacher
MARY’S: Music Videos with DJ Jigsaw
MASQUERADE: The Deep Eynde, Spectremen, the Heathens, the Gettin’ Headstones
NOMENCLATURE MUSEUM: Ghosts: Paul Mercer’s electronically manipulated strings
PEASANT UPTOWN: Steven Charles Jazz Duo
POPPERS: Eric Austin open-mic night
ROCKFORDS: Mike Graves
SMITH’S OLDE BAR: JetStar7, Janah
SOMBER REPTILE: Tilde, Ed Zachery
STAR BAR-L5P: Kenny Howes and the Yeah!, Modeltones, Three Bags Full
VARIETY PLAYHOUSE: John Scofield Group, Living Daylights