Sound Menu January 20 2001 Wed week out


BONAVENTURE QUARTET — See listing for Jan. 17. Pike joins the core group tonight. Eclipse di Luna/764 Miami Circle (Sarig)
PELICAN CITY — Athens' producer Brian Burton makes a rare public performance as Pelican City, his prog trip-hop home-recording project. He'll be doing a "live remix" (that is, not much actually performing) of songs from his recent Rhode Island CD, an appealing moody collection of acoustic instruments and electronic beats. Also appearing in the Masquerade's Downtempo Lounge, among Mutagen's visual projections and Raging Burrito's free food: Intelligent Life Form, JLuv, Lewis & Maston and Subtle. Masquerade (Sarig)
SKY CITY, THE HELGAS, THE AMERICAN PLASTICS — The Helgas' happily shamblin' Rolling Thunder Review continues with a set by Sky City, a quirky band featuring Jennifer Kraft from Catfight! and Rob Mallard from, well, outer space. The Plastics are local punkers with a sound hot enough to melt down a gallon of PlastiGoop and spit out rubber spiders. This show's a strange mix of rock, punk and country — all caught in the headlights on some desolate, unpaved road. Star Bar (Nicoll/Smith)
TANTRIC — In a previous rock 'n' roll life, Tantric's three founding members were known as the platinum-selling Days of the New. Throw some ever-troubling "artistic differences" and a new lead vocalist into the mix and you have the melodic rock of Tantric, whose self-titled debut is due out in early February. Produced by Toby Wright, whose track record includes Alice in Chains and Korn, the album's lush haunted vocal harmonies and abrupt riff crunches display a resemblance to, well, Alice in Chains and Korn. Smith's Olde Bar (Hutchinson)
URBAN HILLBILLY QUARTET, DROVER'S OLD TIME MEDICINE SHOW — While their name might hint at some kind of musical identity crisis, the UHQ's marriage of bluegrass/jug and electric rock sensibilities attests to the appropriateness of such a title. Mate simple goodtime folk lyricism with a more critical "citifed" perspective and the resultant offspring is a mouse whose hole straddles the country/city line. Tonight's opening act, though, is the genuine article. Drover's Old Time Medicine Show is as authentic a bunch of Appalachian hayseeds as ever smoked a corncob pipe. Eddie's Attic (Hutchinson/Nicoll)

BLIND WILLIE'S: Chicago Bob Nelson
BRANDYHOUSE: Otis B. Johnson
BRIDGES: Piano with Bruce
CAJUN KITCHEN: Open mic night
DARK HORSE TAVERN: New Talent Night with Arrant, Velure, Sipja
DARWIN'S: Open blues jam
ECLIPSE DE LUNA: Bodascious Bonaventure Quartet, AMY PIKE
EDDIE'S ATTIC: Urban Hillbilly Quartet, Drovers Old Time Medicine Show
FAT MATT'S RIB SHACK: The Electromatics
40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: The Craze, Reason
FUZZY'S: Mike Veal
KAYA: Wind Down Wednesday with live jazz, spoken word and poetry
MARY'S: Music videos with DJ Jigsaw
MASQUERADE: Live PA Pelican City at the Downtempo Lounge
METROPOLITAN PIZZA: Metropolitan is Wednesday
PEASANT UPTOWN: Steven Charles Jazz Duo
RED LIGHT CAFÉ: Acoustic open mic
SMITH'S OLDE BAR: Tantric, Something 5, Travisty Theory
STAR BAR-L5P: Sky City, the Helgas, the American Plastics