Sound Menu October 24 2007

CL’s picks for the week’s best shows


DOYLE/WILCOX/HARRAR, PROJEXORCISM, 9J Arthur Doyle is an Alabama wildman who has been wailing on his tenor sax since the ’70s on his own and in the fringe free-jazz/no-wave ensemble Blue Humans. This time around Doyle fronts a trio that features Temple of Bon Matin drummer Ed Wilcox and multimedia artist James Harrar. Experimental film/sound artists Projexorcism and 9J also perform. $7. 9 p.m. Eyedrum. 404-522-0655. — Chad Radford

PONYS, KNIFE AND THE FOURTH WARD DAGGERS, CARBONAS, ROYAL THUNDER, THY MIGHTY CONTRACT Chicago’s Ponys play catchy and melodic songs that thrive at the intersection of garage rock, post-punk and just plain solid songwriting. Knife and Daggers play fast and trebly Beach Boys-inspired punk rock that’s all about hanging out with girls, listening to records and having fun. Atlanta punk-rock favorites Carbonas, plus Royal Thunder and Thy Mighty Contract, also perform. $7. 9 p.m. Lenny’s. 404-577-7721. — CR

TOOTS & THE MAYTALS Reggae doesn’t get any more roots than the music of Frederick “Toots” Hibbert. He was there from the beginning, predating even Bob Marley’s earliest sides, with an explosive blend of ska, reggae and R&B that remains riveting even today. Hibbert’s raw vocals are gripping even if his slick new guest-star-studded albums aren’t as intoxicating as the self-descriptive anthem “Reggae Got Soul” and the immortal “Pressure Drop.” Do the “reggay” with one of the undisputed living legends of the genre. $22.50. 8:30 p.m. Variety Playhouse. 404-223-1100. — Hal Horowitz


ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Oh Milhaud my! Robert Spano leads a dance-oriented musical postcard of early 20th-century Paris, opening with the “La Création du Monde” by Darius Milhaud, a 20-minute ballet based on creation stories of African folk mythology. ASO principal harpist Elisabeth Remy Johnson is featured in Claude Debussy’s “Danses sacrée et profane.” “La Valse” and “Valses nobles et sentimentales” by Maurice Ravel and George Gershwin’s jaunty tone poem “An American in Paris” (which inspired the 1951 MGM dance flick starring Gene Kelly) bring the excursion de Paris to a close. $16-$70. 8 p.m. Symphony Hall, Woodruff Arts Center. 404-733-5000. — Mark Gresham

SASHA, SPOOKY If Paul van Dyk is celebrated for his technical prowess and Tiesto for his showmanship, then British DJ star Alexander “Sasha” Coe is known for his impeccable song selection. Sasha’s inclusion of obscure British pop band Grand National on his 2004 mix CD Involver helped the group land U.S. distribution; he’s worked similar wonders for Charlie “Spooky” May, a frequent musical collaborator. Both Sasha and Spooky are coming to Atlanta courtesy of hard-working promotions company Liquified. $30. 9 p.m. Wetbar. 404-745-9494. — Mosi Reeves


JOHNETTE NAPOLITANO The Concrete Blonde founder, singer and songwriter is back in Atlanta tonight, still touring behind her recently issued, moody solo debut Scarred. Fans who witnessed her steamy Park Tavern show this summer will surely testify to the power of the mercurial performer, armed only with her guitar and that powerful voice. Call for prices. 8 p.m. Five Spot. 404-223-1100. — Lee Valentine Smith.

PAULO NUTINI, SARA BARIELLES This former Scottish chippy is milking his 15 minutes for all it’s worth, and having a grand time in the process. His music is catchy, fun, danceable, and ultimately trendy. You will recognize a few of the hits, and will be intrigued by the less familiar material. Chick singer Sara Barielles opens with her typical chick songs. $25. 8 p.m. Tabernacle. 404-659-9022. — James Kelly

STARS They fly on the strength of frontman Torquil Campbell and guitarist Amy Milans’s boy/girl vocals, which glide over luminous baroque pop arrangements of trilling strings, chilly new-wave synth and bustling percussion. The beatific sound camouflages dark, moribund lyricism and Morrissey-like theatricality. Their latest (released digitally two months before retail), In Our Bedroom After the War, reveals a more political vent, highlighted by the vibrant, chiming “Take Me to the Riot.” $17.50. 8:30 p.m. Variety Playhouse. 404-524-7354. — Chris Parker

MV + EE w/ THE GOLDEN ROAD, DQE, TREE CREATURE, 1THOUSAND HOLY SHARDS Matt Valentine (MV) + Erica Elder (EE) and the Golden Road dwell in the frilly areas between hippie campfire folk songs and the avant-garde. One moment they’re singing about smoking grass on mountain roads. The next they’re lost in the ether of blissful tonal resonance. Locals acts DQE, Tree Creature and 1thousand Holy Shards open. $7. 9 p.m. Eyedrum. 404-522-0655. — CR

THERMOS GREENWOOD AND THE COLORED PEOPLE The multicolored members of Thermos Greenwood’s gradient gang grandly return tonight, as Halloween tradition dictates. Once a staple of rock clubs across the South, the veteran scenesters, including leader “Thermos” aka Tommy Dean (League of Decency), only gather annually — so check ‘em out tonight or you’ll have to wait another year. The band is planning two long sets of music and fun, highlighted with plenty of Zappa/Beefheart-esque dada moments. Bring your camera, a loopy sense of humor and dress outrageously to become part of the costumed frivolity. Call for prices. 8 p.m. Club 29. 404-633-8090. — LVS


TONY FURTADO, ANGELA EASTERLING Furtado is one of the most exceptionally good instrumentalists in the world, but unfortunately one of the most unknown. He can play just about anything with strings on it, and has won numerous awards for his amazing abilities. This will be a great chance to see him up close and personal. Classic country singer Angela Easterling opens. $15. 7 p.m. Eddie’s Attic. 404-377-4976. — JK


ANNIE LENNOX Soul-tinged Scotswoman Lennox headlines with songs from her new album, Songs of Mass Destruction, her final disc with BMG. Released Oct. 1, it includes the turbulent single “Dark Road” among its dozen tracks. British singer/songwriter Carina Round (KGRL net-radio’s “Flower-Powered Artist” this past August) is the special guest front-liner act. $35-$75. 7:30 p.m. Cobb Energy Centre. Info: 404-916-2800; tickets: 404-249-6400. — MG

BOB DYLAN TRIBUTE Publishing mogul Jeff Clark has encouraged 20 or so local artists to join forces and raise some funds for Paws Atlanta, and what better person to honor than Dylan? Timely in that he has a new “Essential” box set and DVD of rare performances out this month. But the fun part will be the unique renditions of those great songs by folks such as Anne Richmond Boston, Warm in the Wake, DQE, Rick Richards, Little Country Giants, etc., etc. ... $10. 7:30 p.m. The Five Spot. 404-223-1100. — JK

MOURDELLA, OLD GROWTH, SCIENCE OF YABRA, KNIFE AND THE FOURTH WARD DAGGERS This show is a pre-Halloween birthday bash for Lenny’s booking agent Bean and Megan Stephens. Mourdella plays trashy garage punk. Portland, Ore.’s Old Growth and Science of Yabra play artsy and angular post-hardcore jams. Knife and the Fourth Ward Daggers plays a simple and trebly blend of punk rock and doo-wop harmonies. $5 (free in costume). 9 p.m. Drunken Unicorn. — CR

PORCUPINE TREE Prog-metal with none of the pompous self indulgence of the former or the mind-numbing excess of the latter. The Steven Wilson-fronted Porcupine Tree combines King Crimson’s art-rock with the arena rush of Rush and the space shenanigans of post-Syd Barrett Pink Floyd for a dynamic experience albums can’t reproduce. The intriguingly titled Fear of a Blank Planet is the group’s recently released concept project where the musical pieces melt into a dramatic and brazenly over-the-top whole. $18. 8 p.m. The Roxy. 404-233-76999. — HH


ASTRAL PROJECT One of the most distinctive, cohesive and adventurous working units of the New Orleans modern jazz scene over the last 30 years, Astral Project plays a unique mix of funky street rhythms, exotic tunes and dazzling improvisation. Saxophonist Tony Dagradi leads the quartet, which includes master drummer John Vidacovich, seven-string guitarist Steve Masakowski and hyperenergized bassist James Singleton. Student and museum-member discounts. $20. 7:30 p.m. Lupton Auditorium, Oglethorpe University. 404-364-8555. — MG

BLUE RODEO & FRIENDS Blue Rodeo has proven, in its 20-year existence, that convincing Americana doesn’t have to be made exclusively by U.S. citizens. This rare Atlanta date adds fellow Canadian folksingers Ron Sexsmith (a club headliner in his own right) and Luke Doucet. The expanded lineup supports Rodeo’s new Small Miracles release, the band’s 11th studio album and one of its best. The group also acts as backup to its friends, trading off songs and lead singers for a casual mix-and-match show that should be intimate, unique and memorable. $15. 8 p.m. Smith’s Olde Bar. 404-875-1522. — HH

SHANNON MCNALLY Like most dedicated musicians, being labelless hasn’t stopped soulful country/folk-rocking journeywoman McNally from hitting the road and taking her music to the people. She just finished opening and sharing the stage with Marc Broussard and returns a few months later with new, as-yet-unreleased originals that echo her deep Mississippi roots. With her dusky, dark-chocolate voice and laconic timing, she creates a vibe that’s hypnotic and subtly moody yet forcefully raw. Atlanta country rockers Pasadena also appear. $10. 9 p.m. Vinyl. 404-885-1365. — HH

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS, EMMA POLLOCK It’s a night of heavyweight pop featuring acts with a facility for hooking you quicker than narcotics. The New Pornographers have released four straight great albums of lithe, hummable power/indie pop unencumbered by their rich texture thanks to a buoyant melodicism. Already talented solo artists, Carl Newman’s brainy and Dan Bejar’s eccentric songs are ideal foils. Ex-Delgado Emma Pollock’s solo debut, Watch the Fireworks, is as warmly melodic and open-hearted as her prior band, with an edgy indie-pop sound that’s very direct. It certainly will ease the minds of those lamenting the Delgados’ demise. $22. 8:30 p.m. Variety Playhouse. 404-524-7354. — CP


M.I.A. British-based Sri Lankan M.I.A. (Maya Arulpragasam) was a visual artist video-documenting Elastica’s 2000 U.S. tour when Peaches introduced her to the Roland MC-505 sequencer and changed her avocation. Though a novice, M.I.A. picked it up quickly, vigorously applying pastiche principles in fashioning her vibrant sound. M.I.A. mixes a dizzying variety of sources and styles, with an intoxicating rhythmic vocal delivery. Her latest, Kala, improves on the much-feted Arular, working an even broader blend of hip-hop, ragga, electronica, eastern tones and even punk. $22. 9 p.m. Center Stage. 404-885-1365. — CP

SCOUT NIBLETT Scout Niblett is a rare beast in the highly derivative indie-rock world: an artist with a unique voice. Her grungy blues hits hard like rock ‘n’ roll thunder, and her voice jumps to the tug and push of the music. Her albums, including the just-released This Fool Can Die Now, are difficult, unusual and not always easy to enjoy. Her Atlanta performance should be lots of fun, though, as it will be part of the Star Bar’s Halloween festivities. Rock City Dropouts and Burmese Crush join her. $8. 8 p.m. Star Bar. 404-681-5740. — MR

SHOUT OUT LOUDS Stockholm, Swedish group Shout Out Louds aims to write shimmering, perfect pop. It frequently hits the mark on its new album, Our Ill Wills; and when it falters, its wryly earnest charm carries it through. As a veteran of the L.A. hipster rock wars, Nico Vega is slightly less optimistic, playing tough rock ‘n’ roll that recalls Concrete Blonde and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Stockholm duo Johnossi opens. $12. 9 p.m. The Loft. 404-885-1365. — MR


PYLON, THE SELMANAIRES, NEW SOUND OF NUMBERS Pylon is the true survivor of the Golden Age of Athens Music. The only band from that halcyon era to completely retain its credibility, quality and original lineup, its small but influential catalog of music has inspired everyone from the members of Sleater-Kinney to James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem. Longtime fan Murphy has reissued Pylon’s classic debut LP Gyrate on his DFA label, making it widely available on CD for first time ever. The deluxe, expanded Gyrate + will be on sale tonight, while the new wave-injected Selmanaires and newish Athens band the New Sound of Numbers open the show. $12. 9 p.m. The Earl. 404-522-3950. — LVS

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