Reasons to go to the Dogwood Festival

Five acts worth checking out

Last weekend, you lost an hour of sleep to pesky daylight-saving time, but this weekend you can put the extra sunshine to use at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Fri.-Sun., April 7-9. Sure, there are dogs catching discs, kids jumping on giant moonbounces and folks shopping the artists' market, but we like the music. Here's five acts worth checking out (but also visit www.sideshowatlanta.com for CL podcasts from the festival):

1) Anthony David: Check out this critically acclaimed soul artist continue to promote Three Chords & the Truth, and possibly sing snippets from his upcoming album.

2) Atlanta Bellydance: Do you think the performers or the audience imitating the performers will be more entertaining?

3) Heather Luttrell: The tattooed redhead may be most popularly known as a contestant from "Rock Star: INXS," but the singer/songwriter's true style is less pop, more blues. Catch her Saturday.

4) Bobby Yang & His Unrivaled Players: On Sunday, see this rock violinist if only to say you have, in fact, seen a rock violinist.

5) Slick & Rose: These ladies are the hip-hop hotness. Though they're still working on the follow-up to Objects in the Mirror, hear new material at their Sunday performance.