Is the end near?

Ways to know when trends are dead

It gets awfully confusing navigating the trends of pop culture. T-Mobile Sidekicks or Motorola RAZRs? Or what about Helio? Do you Friendster or MySpace? (OK, that one's easy — MySpace stomped Friendster.) What's worse than hopping on a halted bandwagon? In the interest of helping folks know when a trend is nearing the end, here are five clear signs:

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1) When white people start doing it. Particularly older white folks. You know it's true.

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2) When Madonna incorporates it in her live tour. For example, krumping. Before that, the Kabbalah. Or electronica. Or, for that matter, voguing.

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3) When the New York Times writes about it. At that point, it's at critical mass.

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4) When your parents e-mail you the link of the New York Times story on said trend. Or, if you're really out if it, when they mail the clipping.

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5) When a toy is made to capitalize on the trend. For example, the absolutely true existence of Bling-Bling Barbie and her diamond-encrusted entourage. Is Blogging Barbie really that far away?

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