Spam subject lines

Some make good band names

Part of my job is sorting through most of the online correspondence that comes to CL, so I have to deal with more than my share of spam. I'm not talking about five or six messages in a junk-mail folder; this is the 50 or 60 messages that make it to my inbox despite our spam-filtering software.

Well, I've come to appreciate some of that spam for its creativeness, not because I feel ripped off whenever they use my own e-mail address to send it to me, or when it proposes enlargements of sorts, or even when my great Uncle Girobo from Nigeria, having just passed away, wants to share his oil riches with me. No, I've actually grown fond of the hot-stock-alert spam, not for their tips on potential sure-winner stocks, but because they're a great instant band-name generator. Here are our favorites:

1) Phosphorescence Jowls

2) Rollicking Who're

3) Demoralizing Amalgamation

4) Amphetamine Motive

5) Tubing Father

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