New Santas

As well-known as Santa Claus is, perhaps it's time the enforcer of nice received a makeover. We think he needs some edge. Admittedly, our nominations would need some work — some need to grow beards, some need to add a few pounds — but we think these celebs have something Claus-like about them:

1) The ghost of Jerry Garcia — He looks similar enough to keep the kids happy, and will provide his own type of baked goods to keep the adults happy.

2) Ice-T — "Ho ho ho" is already a staple of his vocabulary, and who knows more about naughty and nice than a former pimp?

3) Michael McDonald — Seductive soul Santa minus 50 pounds, plus a better-kept beard.

4) Fat Joe — It's been said that Santa doesn't come to the 'hood, but perhaps a Puerto Rican Kris Kringle with just as much "weight" wouldn't be so scared.

5) Jack Black — He's big, he's jolly and he can create some new kick-ass holiday anthems.

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