Leah's Top Five Guilty-Pleasure CDs

Confessionsofa MusicAddict.com blogger Leah Baker

Don't front, you music snob, you. Deep down in your CD collection, there are some hidden stinkers you're too ashamed to claim. Leah Baker has earned tons of respect as an indie tastemaker via her music blog, ConfessionsofaMusicAddict.com. But this week we made her confess something else — her list of the top five albums she hates to love.

1) Panic! at the Disco, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out: "I can't help but love the dance-rock infusion found on this album, and must say that it's essential while trying to get my ass in shape at the gym."

2) The Academy Is ..., Almost Here: "What is it about a young, skinny boy like William Beckett that makes my teeth sweat? Probably the 40 minutes of pop-punk that I love to sing along to."

3) My Chemical Romance, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge: "They kind of make me want to dye my hair black and slit my wrists in a tub of cold water — but in a good way."

4) Teddy Geiger, Underage Thinking: "The 'Love Monkey' kid has a way with words that makes me think I'm in high school. Why I'd want to relive that hell, I have no idea."

5) Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway: "As much as I want to boycott anything to do with 'American Idol,' this chick obviously hasn't had much luck with boys. And neither have I. So I heart her."

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