Adam's favorite Criminal Records customers

Music buyer for Criminal Records

Elitist asshole: Two words generally associated with pompous music-store employees. But they can't all be mean, can they? Not Adam Renshaw. As the music buyer for Criminal Records, he has love for the customers who frequent the L5P store. This week he shares his favorites among Criminal's predictable clientele.

1) The old-timer: "We have a handful of older, regular customers who come in frequently and dispense wisdom while they shop. I've learned a lot from several of the old-school guys."

2) The excitable teenager: "They're not all completely jaded know-it-alls. It's exciting to see someone discover a band or a record for the first time and be genuinely enthusiastic about it."

3) The person who knows exactly what he wants: "No small talk, no pleasantries, no BS. Thank you for having your shit together."

4) The person who wants to sing you the song he's looking for: "This can be frustrating or confusing, but it's usually hysterical. I love the challenge of trying to decipher what the song might be behind someone's off-key caterwauling."

5) The drunk person: "Hey boozey-face, thanks for coming in to throw your money around. Just so long as you don't begin weeping, we're going to have a fine time spending your money."

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