Top five worst band names

WRAS-FM counts 'em down

Cassie Smith knows Georgia music — the good, the bad and the ugly. Serving as general manager of Album 88 WRAS-FM (88.5) for the past year and host of the "Georgia Music Show" (Thursdays, 6-8 p.m.), she's sifted through the CDs of countless local bands desperate for airplay. Along the way, Smith has discovered what she considers the worst band names in the state. It's likely none of these bands will perform at the WRAS benefit show Saturday, April 14, at Apache Cafe.

1) Whiskey Shit Vomit: "I'd never be able to say the band's name on the air and it really doesn't make me want to listen to their music either."

2) The Vaginas: "I imagine them on stage in giant handmade costumes that look like vaginas, and singing songs about PMS."

3) Of Montreal: "Anyone who listens to the 'Georgia Music Show' knows I love Of Montreal. But as an English major, it drives me crazy that the first word in their name is a preposition!"

4) Conflict Within: "They're this metal/hardcore band so their name seems kind of redundant. Like, most metal bands write music about internal conflict, right?"

5) Elf Power: "This is another one of my favorite bands, but I really just don't get the name! It sounds like a game you might play at Dragon*Con or something. I really want to know what Andrew Rieger was thinking when they came up with that. Maybe he's a huge DnD nerd and we never knew it."

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