Top five house show essentials

With Travis Flagel of Rob's House Records

Rob's House Records loves a good time. And since 2005, label owners Travis Flagel and Trey Lindsay have developed a reputation for throwing fun, free, drunken house shows in East Atlanta. With an upcoming show on Sunday, April 29, featuring the Clorox Girls and more, Flagel gives us his top five essentials for throwing a successful house show. And if you don't know what he means by "squishie," you probably aren't getting any.

1) Music: "It's pretty simple: The music has to be fun. It's a house show, in the middle of the day, crammed in a tiny basement. So you gotta give people a reason to be there, otherwise they'll probably just end up sitting on their couch at home jerkin' off into dirty T-shirts."

2) Beer: "That's a given, so we always have kegs, but the key is having a secret stash hidden somewhere for when the keg runs dry."

3) Douche: "We've made it a tradition to douse Bryan Rackley (of Douchemaster Records) with douche anytime one of his bands plays the house. Don't have any handy? Beer works fine, too."

4) RANDY "ALL CAPS" COSTELLO: "This guy is the king of clubbin'. If he's at the party, your chances of something strange happening just went through the roof! Every house show should have one!"

5) Squish: "If you got squishie at the house show, everybody has a good time!!"

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