Top five songs of the summer

Damon Hare of the Earl counts 'em down

There are no guidelines for the perfect summer song, but the classic ones tend to indulge in getting drunk, driving fast cars and chasing girls — sometimes all at once. Damon Hare, doorman at the Earl for the past two years, shares his top five summer songs guaranteed to get you psyched for the season.

1) "Rockaway Beach," the Ramones: "The song is beachy and it makes fun of disco. I feel that is what the summer should be about: making fun of disco [and] promoting the rock!"

2) "Glad Girls," Guided by Voices: "This song is about crazy broads who love getting wasted and how they're OK."

3) "Teenage Kicks," the Undertones: "This is a fucking summer jam. It's about a girl who is unattainable. So it brings me back to the fat teenage years and one summer getting completely burned."

4) "Stormy Weather," the Reigning Sound: "We all know it rains a shit-ton during parts of the summer at extremely inopportune times. It's also about your favorite lady and better than me picking lame-ass 'Summer of '69.'"

5) EVERY SONG by Tom Petty: "Tom Petty is truly a badass. Almost every one of his tunes is summer-appropriate, so just drink and party to them."

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