Top five reasons Drone Music isn't boring

11:11 Teahouse co-host Farzad Moghaddam gives his take on the genre

Drone music will never be a "party starter." But if such popular and influential artists as Brian Eno and the Velvet Underground pull from the genre, there's definitely something to be said about it. Since Atlanta has recently acquired its own drone night, held monthly at 11:11 Teahouse (404-521-1911, www.1111teahouse.com), co-host Farzad Moghaddam gives us his top five reasons why drone music isn't so boring.

1) It's intelligent: "Because there is nothing more interesting to listen to than your air conditioner humming over sampled baby farts and dolphins mating."

2) It's you: "Shut up. It's not. You're boring."

3) It's sexy: "I don't know what it is but something about Steve Reich's 'Different Trains' gives me a boner."

4) It's popular: "If it's so boring, how come they press 100 copies of it? Obviously [the label] plans on it going at least 'aluminum,' as they call it in the biz."

5) It's critically acclaimed: "Just check the review of the new Port Royal album in Rolling Stone: 'This one's the diary of a top dog — a multiplatinum idol with a soulful falsetto who has dated Jessica, Lindsay, Kirsten, you name her.' Oh, wait. Never mind, that's the review of that Maroon 5 album. I don't think anyone in Port Royal has ever been laid."

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