Top five: why Supreeme loves NY

Bigger fish to fry for Atlanta rappers

You rarely hear of a rapper leaving Atlanta — the reigning rap capital — so his career can thrive. But that's exactly what Negashi Armada of Supreeme did. Currently in New York working on the group's sophomore release, Gold Medallion, Armada gives us his top five reasons why he made the move.

1) Girls: "In New York, poor, carless creative types like myself have a chance at any hot chick we see."

2) Warner Bros.: "Up here, I can show up [to Warner Bros. headquarters] in person and demand respect and money as opposed to calling and getting treated like an embarrassing one-night stand."

3) Mobility: "Unless you have money to pay off a major radio DJ or an infectious strip club, or you have a dance-themed tune, you'll find yourself stuck at an underground hip-hop battle of some sort, rapping over the Ghostface instrumental ... for the next 10 years."

4) Studios: "If you went to a good high school, you probably know some white kids who go to school for music production in NY. In some cases they hook you up with time in multimillion-dollar studios."

5) Confidence: "Atlantans love their people. If you are an overexposed, hypersocial person like myself, going away will make you fresh and new to the people in your circle when you visit."

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