Top 5 worst bands hipsters like

Wax 'N' Facts' Paul Kustera waxes on about wack hipsters

Maybe America's fashion-forward youth have too much going on right now to really look for quality music. Maybe they're just too busy memorizing Vice's dos and don'ts or blowing their paychecks on vintage Dunks and American Apparel DayGlo T-shirts (by the way, you look like 1992 threw up on you) to devote any time to real music. Maybe not. Maybe they just like every band with girl vocals and synthesized disco drum beats. Whatever the reason, Wax N Facts' own Paul Kustera lays out the worst bands that hipsters like.

1) LCD Soundsystem — "Techno wasn't cool in the '90s so why should it be cool now? If Daft Punk was playing at my neighbor's house, I'd call the cops."

2) Of Montreal — "They do a jingle for Outback Steakhouse. Aren't hipsters supposed to be vegan?"

3) M.I.A. — "You know why she can't get a visa? Homeland Security heard her album. It must be really bad for that to happen because they still let Rush in."

4) Peaches — "Joke bands should only be allowed to make one album. Imagine if we had to suffer through three Chunky A albums as well."

5) Can — "Don't lie; you've never actually heard them."

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