Top five ways to bring a crowd to Underground

Richard Dunn and crew do the impossible

Underground Atlanta was an underground tomb for nightlife before Richard Dunn, J. Carter and Freddy Luster came along. Since opening Sugarhill almost a year ago — and Motion later — they've accomplished the impossible by giving people a reason to come to the downtown complex after dark by booking hot acts such as Dwele, scheduled to perform at 9 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 23, at Sugarhill. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Underground is the only spot in the city where bars can stay open until 4 a.m. But that ain't the half, according to Dunn. Check out his five surefire ways to draw a crowd to Underground any night of the week.

1) No cover: "Put the entire city on the guest list."

2) Open bar: "All-you-can-drink Boone's Farm and Jägermeister-flavored Georgia moonshine."

3) Take it all off: "One-dollar bar-top dances provided by J. Carter and Fred Luster — my biz partners."

4) Nothing but hits: "NEVER book DJs Salah, Jamad or Kemit to spin. They are WACK!"

5) Dress to impress: "Hire Elton John to enforce the dress code!"

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