Reasons why disco will never die

'Stayin' Alive' with Judi Chicago

The disco era was fun while it lasted. But it turned out some amazingly bad songs and fashion. Don't tell that to Ben Coleman and Travis Thatcher, though. Their shared love of disco music has sparked one of Atlanta's favorite bands and best live acts, Judi Chicago. Here, they give us their top five reasons why disco's not dead.

1) It's human nature: "Recent research suggests that babies prefer consonance to dissonance. We have an inherent predilection for the smooth sounds of Chic and Donna Summer."

2) It's all around us: "All that stuff that kids are dancing to at the moment — disco. Whether it's Gang of Four-inspired post-punk, the French house of Daft Punk or even crunk (which also isn't dead). It's disco, by any other name."

3) It's ancient: "Egyptian tomb paintings depict dancing figures from circa 3300 B.C. The oldest known drums date back to 6000 B.C. With over 5,300 years of practice under our belts, it's unlikely that we're going to stop dancing to drums any time soon."

4) It's beefy: "There are about 1.5 billion cows in the world. Where there are cows, there will be cowbells. The cowbell remains the universal party-down signifier in disco and beyond."

5) It's sexy: "People who aren't afraid to have fun and shake their rumps have a much higher chance of procreating. Ipso facto, the world gets more disco-friendly with each successive generation. Let's face it: If Radiohead can go disco, anyone can."

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