Why Amanda Ray doesn't fit in Atlanta

Electronic artist questions her place amid the local scene

It's hard out here for an electro sci-fi chick. Just ask Amanda Ray. After pushing her down-tempo sounds in Atlanta for a decade, the N.Y. native is considering a return to the Big A. Apparently, the local scene just isn't feeling this black girl's blues. Maybe her performance at Django after Björk's concert Monday, Sept. 17, will be her last. Until then, she'll be contemplating the reasons why she feels so out of place in Atlanta.

1) Too melancholy: "Even with all the sunlight and trees here, I still find my way back to the comfort of beautiful dissonant chords and eerie electronic sounds."

2) Too invisible: "Atlanta's music scene doesn't reflect the diverse musical tastes of its people."

3) Too spacey: "I can't even find any sappy words for my love songs."

4) Too alternative: "I'm not one of these artists who just jumped on the alternative bandwagon because it's 'hot.'"

5) Too tall: "Where else are you gonna find a 5-foot-9 sista dressed in sci-fi outfits she designed herself, singing ambient music?"

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