Keeping tabs on West Evans

Up all night at Majestic

It's 2:30 a.m. and Atlanta's bars are about to close their doors, but the corner of Cleburne Terrace and Ponce de Leon is awash in neon light. Open since 1929, the Majestic Diner is an after-hours mecca. There are some guidelines, however, for getting your food with a smile. West Evans, night manager at the Majestic, outlines his top five tips for late-night dining etiquette.

1) Be like the Fonz: "I know reality TV has made you think that acting drunk and loud makes you seem really funny and awesome. Really, it just shows everyone you're a weekend warrior who can't handle your drink."

2) Messing with Bill: "When 18 orders are hanging in the window and the cook is running around like a madman, just ask your server for any changes you'd like to make to your order. Leave the cooks alone, please!"

3) Clothes make the man: "I know you've been working all winter on those abs of steel, but the girls at table four don't seem too impressed. So let's just get that shirt back on."

4) Inside voices: "We all love to sing and dance but this ain't Chuck E. Cheese ... Sit down and have a nice, quiet conversation with your friends."

5) Dead weight: "Seriously, if you have to carry your passed out friends in, maybe you should just get those hash browns to go."

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