Chiba: Don't believe the reality

'Miss Rap Supreme' contestant shows her gracious side

In reality television, it's all about the editing. Participants often pop up after the show claiming they're not assholes in real life. Sometimes they're right. Turns out Chiba, the Atlanta-based MC and contestant from VH1's recent "Miss Rap Supreme," is not the drama queen viewers thought. Just listen to the level-headed reasons why she says she'll outlast reality's hype.

1) Substance: "My music has substance, and a lot of artists ain't going to talk about anything. A lot of my songs have a message at the end of the day."

2) Focus: "This is not a game for me. This is definitely long-term. It's not for fame. I love music."

3) Versatility: "You're not going to hear me rap the same on every single thing. Some of my songs, people don't even think that it's me. I can switch my voice up."

4) Passion: "I'm not trying to get in the game and hurry up and make big bucks. I want to make good music, music that will never get old."

5) Humility: "By being humble, being thankful, counting my blessings and not taking advantage of any situation or taking anything for granted."

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