Dabbling DJs

First there was "Divine Dichotomy," a free Gemini-themed party that featured tag-team "twin" DJs. Now Kids With Codenames, the promoters responsible for that DJ theme night, present its second party concept: "Dabble." Held Wednesday, Sept. 13, at Fusion, the free party not only highlights some of Atlanta's most talented DJs, but invites them to spin in a style with which they're usually not associated. Eve & Motomasa have a go at IDM and old skool rave, Bobble spins garage, Ulises plays acid techno, Roger attempts house, Faust and Shortee try their hand at drum 'n' bass, and so on.

"The free parties always have the best vibes because everyone is contributing their talents and everyone is on the guest list," says Shortee, who also appeared at "Divine Dichotomy." "We play free of charge because of that vibe and to give back to all the people who have paid to get in to events."

Along with the DJs, Echolalia, a project by Kids With Codenames' Stephen Thomas, performs live. The chance to showcase original material was a reason KWC began throwing parties, and the free parties grew out of those concerns.

"We came to the decision that the financial side of promoting isn't an incentive but a burden," Thomas says. "We're throwing the party so people can hear us ... put on a good show, and we're worrying about who's getting paid, who hasn't shown up to play, are we going to break even — a lot of stress right before you take the stage. ... We want a big crowd of pumped up, grateful, happy people front and center when we drop the first beat."

After "Dabble," KWC plans to throw one of 80 "Earthdance" parties held in cities around the world on Oct. 14 (see www.earthdance.org) and continue providing a positive vibe as inexpensively as possible. "You could call it plur — you could call it pure," Thomas says. "People are receptive to it because it's the true reason they do what they do in the first place."

"Dabble" is held Wed., Sept. 13, at Fusion.