Sharp Notes September 16 2000

First the Allman Brothers, now this. Not only have two of Atlanta-based Capricorn Record's best selling bands, Cake and Widespread Panic, recently jumped ship, but now 311 is suing them. The Nebraska-based hip-hop/punksters claim Capricorn did not market or promote the band's latest album appropriately, which jeopardized 311's career. Stay tuned for more updates on this story, which is far from over.

Blueswoman Liz Melendez gets her motor running when she plays the start of the Trail of Tears 2000 7th Annual Commemorative Ride at Earl Small Harley Davidson. The Marietta to Chattanooga trip's T-shirt sales will benefit the American Heart Association. You can eat her dust if you're up early enough, Friday, Sept. 15, at 9:30 a.m. Easy riders, and those who aspire to be, can get more info at www.al-tn-trailoftears.org.

Livin' la vida loca. Latin alternative band Diestra just returned from NYC where they participated in the first ever Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) and then discovered they were winners in McDonald's/Ritmoteca.com's Best of Latin Music contest. As such, they get to shoot a music video, record a demo and be the main performers at Sept. 12's VIP Latin Grammy Party in L.A., hosted by Oscar de la Hoya. Hear what all the excitement's about at www.mp3.com/diestra.