Sharp Notes September 23 2000

Liquored up. The connection isn't clear, but somehow Jim Beam spirits has forged an alliance with the Atlanta band, Alastor. Maybe it's the Benefiting Emerging Artists in Music errr ... B.E.A.M. angle. Whatever. The Elizabeth Elkins-led trio is featured as the "back-room band" complete with photos and song clips on the Jim Beam website. Believe it or not, you have to be 18 to access it (though no one will know if you're fibbing) at www.jimbeam.com.

Ludacris AKA Chris Luva Luva, afternoon DJ for HOT 97.5, will have his music included on the soundtrack to Ronin Ro's "Street Sweeper", the first album/novel combo from The [S]yndicate Media Group. The music to this "hip-hop, pulp-fiction book" is compiled by Atlanta's So-So Def label.

Here comes the def judge. Urban producer and all around entertainment mogul Jermaine Dupree might find himself in jail for three days courtesy of the Georgia Supreme Court for allegedly failing to complete jury duty in March 1999. Dupree asked for an exemption due to prior commitments. It was denied, but he never showed. The record executive claims the court system is treating him unfairly since he was refused a hearing to explain his absence.

Former lead singer of Tower of Power (on their last three albums, anyway), and Georgia resident Brent Carter, has been added as feature vocalist with Big Royal & The Revue. "Atlanta's favorite R&B showband" plays local clubs like Blind Willie's and Fuzzy's Place that can barely contain Carter's booming, soulful vocals.